Seneca Group played a crucial role in guiding Amazon’s decarbonizing efforts for their HQ2 project, benefiting the climate and the community. Charlie Gronek and the Seneca Group team recommended and oversaw implementation of climate-friendly solutions, including low-carbon concrete, mass timber, energy-efficient buildings systems, water reuse, and expansive green spaces.

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More About Seneca Group’s Sustainability Efforts on HQ2:

Seneca Group evaluated and implemented the use of advanced concrete mix designs, including CarbonCure technology to recycle carbon dioxide into fresh concrete, effectively reducing its carbon footprint without compromising performance. We guided the design and construction of a mass timber structure for the highly visible meeting center onsite. Our team advised on the adoption of fully electric HVAC systems, water heaters, and food service equipment. To address water usage, we guided recommendations of technology to reclaim and recycle rainwater and greywater for cooling towers, landscape irrigation, and flushing fixtures. We ensured the project incorporated two acres (90,000 SF) of landscaped green roofs with native plantings which serve as outdoor meeting areas, dog runs and an urban farm.