Marketing Manager

Posted on: Novemer 28, 2022

Job Description
The Seneca Group is looking for an experienced Marketing Manager to join our organization and lead in the creation and implementation of marketing and communications materials for the firm.

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for the creation of the firm’s marketing plan, marketing collateral and digital presence and will assist the firm with maintenance of the Seneca brand, pursuit collateral, and industry engagement.

Successful candidates will have a strong background in and passion for creating and leading the implementation of a marketing strategy. The Marketing Manager will be able to perform the functions listed below and bring on external resources for support, as needed. The position will report to the Marketing Committee and, on occasion, the Management Committee who oversees the firm’s overall operations.

Marketing Planning and Reporting
o Creates and leads the firm’s marketing and communications plan.
o Prioritizes and aligns marketing resources with needs of the firm.
o Manages the marketing budget and strategy.

Brand & Collateral Management
o Manages Seneca’s brand standards internally and externally.
o Acts as copywriter, creating dynamic marketing material for use in Seneca external and internal communications.
o Manages graphic design and brand consultants, as required.

Business Development Pursuit Management
o Supports business development research initiatives.
o Creates and manages proposal templates and supports internal team with customization for each individual pursuit.
o Prepares layout of all content, produces or coordinates production of key graphic components, and produces final product.
o Supports interview and presentation development including interview strategy sessions and developing written and graphic content.

Digital Presence Management
o Manages Seneca’s digital presence, including developing and curating content for its website and other social media channels.
o Manages project and event photography program with internal and external partners and vendors.

Industry Engagement & Networking Support
o Evaluates and prioritizes marketing opportunities at industry events.
o Assists Seneca staff in preparation for industry events and presentations.

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Thank you for your interest in Seneca Group.

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