Seneca Group is privileged to work with many of the community groups and non-profit organizations contributing to the health, welfare and cultural enrichment of the citizens of our region. We find inspiration in their work, and support their causes through donations of services, time and financial support.

In July, our team closed the office and rolled up our sleeves to once again support the efforts of Seattle Parks Foundation, Earth Corps and Seattle Parks & Recreation during “Love Parks Day”. Together, we were focused and diligent in our commitment to help restore the wooded forests to their natural habitat in Lincoln Park. For us, the day was about teamwork, camaraderie and devoting time outside our work world to care for our natural environment.

Amidst shouts of encouragement, laughter and yelping from the group, we battled with the blackberry thorns and played tug-of-war with the tangled ivy vines. Like everything we do, we threw ourselves at the tasks ahead with passion and drive. At the end of the day, there were piles and piles of compost documenting our accomplishments, and about 20 very dirty and satisfied people.

The Seneca Group is incredibly proud to be an environmental steward of Seattle’s green space—we love our parks!

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